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I am an entrepreneur, creator. Mindset Codes Cracker and of course – the optimistic bomb ready to help you skyrocket business &  empower your life. 

I want to dedicate my work to everyone who feels that they deserve more & can do more. I started with struggling to sell $50 program but with my hard work I cracked the code and made it to 6-figures in just 12 months. I’ve created the business that I always wanted to have, got rid of depression and finally – started living my life.

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Krystian showed me how to build a business based on passion and derive a lot of joy from it, at the same time creating full financial independence.

My personal life and running a business after working with Krystian changed dramatically. The change in my case was deep and touched many aspects. Coaching and Codes Cracking Sessions helped me […]

I came across half of my country to the training created by Krystian Wyszomirski. So I had many hopes. Training EXCEEDED all my expectations and hopes...

It was conducted in a professional manner. Knowledge conveyed with passion, which fulfilled the listeners with positive energy and motivation. Time was going too fast. You wanted to listen, do exercises, but you definitely did not want it to end.   After training, I thought only how many changes I will make in my professional life that will improve my results. This was my first training conducted by Krystian. But definitely not the last. This is just the beginning. Blazej Karpowicz, Personal Trainer & Chef

His training "The Inner Power Masterclass” was one of the better things I've ever encountered in my life. “It awakened my deeply hidden courage.”

Krystian cares about every single person that’s on his training. You feel like at an individual coaching training. He made it possible to understand your needs and obstacles to achieving your goals. He went very deep and it touched some private, very intimate spheres. It was awesome because it allowed us to work on self-confidence. It awakened in me my deeply hidden courage. Thank you very much for this because I know now that I am able to do everything to achieve my own happiness. Best regards, Alexandra

Kristian is not only a professional coach, but wise and experienced person, who use his knowledge to show other people how unlock their true potential.

For almost a year I’ve been working with Kristian on self-development, time organization and effectiveness.   He’s hardworking and devoted leader with a strategic look on business matters. I’m glad I had a pleasure to meet him and attend his training classes, I look forward to our future cooperation and projects.

Barbra Wyrowinska, artist & building engeneer

During the training, we had the opportunity to discover ourselves, to see what’s good in us and to see what we need to work on.

The training of Krystian’s is an amazing experience and I recommend to everyone at least once for such a training to go.  You’ll not only get a huge amount of knowledge but you’ll also meet great people and community. Krystian puts on practice, and so we get what is most important – the ability to make use of the knowledge.   Anyone who decides to participate in the training guarantees that it will be a very good investment. Matt Kolakowski, Entrepreneur


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